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Musings From A Boy

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Hello, my name is Link. I work for Nintendo. You may remember me from such classic gaming hits as Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers and Soul Calibur II. Despite the fact that some people think I'm very violent and mean, I'm actually a nice guy just trying to make a living.

akira himekawa, anju, annoying owls, avoiding zoras, blunt objects, chilling at kakariko village, coffee, collecting things in jars, cuccos, death mountain, fighting pikachu, fishing at lake hylia, fragile objects, fred meyer, ganon, green, horses, hotlinks er, hylian chicks, hyrule, i am error, inconsistent storylines, ivy, killing things, kokiri kids, letters for old women, linksys is aryll?, lon lon ranch, making jpop videos, money, nobuyuki hiyama, ocarinas, octoroks, owing mido money, picnics at kokiri forest, pictoboxes, recorders, redmond, rupees, safeway, sakana, saria, saving the princess, secretly obsessing over tingle, silver arrows, skulltula, spooky music, swords, tea, tektites, teriyaki, the legend of cheese, the legend of zelda, too too too, treasure chests, trespassing, triangles, tunics, violence, volvagia, wand of gamelon, yen